walnut grove: a new brunch spot in dubai city walk

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I will admit, it was not our intention to dine here but walking by this busy South African eatery we were persuaded (and very easily, I should add) by the eye-poppingly impressive tower of cake, artfully decorated with moving glass domes. The décor, in what is an intimate chaise-chair filled restaurant, is welcoming and refreshing. The modern settings’ focal point is a wooden walnut tree sculpture, under which you seated, creating a warm and casual setting for a meal.

The menu is enticing; we settle on the hearty (and huge) Sweet Chilli Chicken Satay Salad, which is accompanied by crispy cheese bread twists. The salad is divinely light, perfect for a hot Summers day. Tender strips of chicken breast marinated in sweet chili sauce is served on a bed of mixed greens, zucchini, carrot and cucumber noodles, and purple cabbage with a peanut satay dressing. The chicken is juicy and tender, however, the peanut satay dressing is too subtle and the dish would have been more impressive if this salty peanut flavor was more bodied.

The Fillet Trio is exquisitely juicy and tender. This beef fillet is grilled to perfection and served on a bed of seasonal Mediterranean vegetables, accompanied with a trio of signature sauces – three cheese sauce, creamy mushroom truffle sauce, and chili Chakalaka sauce. The creamy mushroom sauce complements the fillet beautifully, whereas the three cheese sauce goes deliciously with the side serving of potato chips. I should add, this is a place that doesn’t do anything by halves – the portions are easily shareable for two persons.

The Parmesan Almond Chicken Breast crunchy goodness is not only texture-filled but also flavorful. This dish pays homage to Wiener Schnitzel with a Mediterranean flare. A tender chicken breast crusted in almond flakes, herbed breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese is served with oven-roasted vegetables and three cheese sauce.

Walnut Grove nails a casual concept that oozes atmosphere and friendly service on the floor, but we arrive at a busy lunch period and the strain shows at the the beginning of our meal. Luckily, the food is enough of a distraction and towards the end of our meal the ambiance shifts. I will part this review with these last words: you have to try their milkshakes!

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