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To say my day is exhausting is an understatement. What should be distinctly separate days feels like one long continuous one. I’m awake at six in the morning, what follows is a rather tedious daily routine – feed the baby, change the baby’s diapers, play with the baby, put baby down for a nap, clean the apartment, meal preparation for dinner, find time to eat something (most of the time its the baby’s leftovers) and in all of this find some time, however little, to work on my blog. The sleep I do get is mostly naps throughout the night since my little one is still in the habit of night feedings and even nighttime conversations (though I do find these extremely adorable).

I never thought much of it when people told me during my pregnancy that motherhood is a full time job with no vacation, off days, or even lunch breaks hahaha – but mighty me were they right. Usually, I’m a very organised and manage my time quite well but there are days when I will begin cooking or baking and in between the preparation and cooking phases I will need to halt what I’m doing for hours on end to tend to an active seven month old. The older she gets though, the more aware and intrigued she is by what happens in the kitchen – from the smells, to the sounds and the motions. One day I hope to share with her the recipes my grandmother and mother-in-law have shared with me.

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