spicy chili con carne

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This classic chili con carne is a quick and easy recipe that’s bursting with fiery flavors. On a chilly winter day, nothing is better than curling up in front of the fire with a big ol’ bowl of this spicy chili con carne.

In this recipe, I’ve used lean grass-fed beef that my butcher has minced for me.  The avocado and lime cools and refreshes the palate as you eat it – feel free to double the amount of avocado per serving. What I love about this dish is that it also keeps in the fridge for a few days so you can take it to work for lunch the next day.

The toppings are a heavenly salad bar of possibilities. Avocado, cheddar cheese, cilantro, green onion, red onion, sour cream, crushed tortilla chips, and Fritos if you’re feeling classy.

spicy chilli con carne recipe

  • serves serves four persons
  • prep time fifteen minutes
  • total time forty-five minutes


  • five hundred grams of beef mince
  • one medium white onion, chopped
  • two cloves of garlic, chopped
  • one teaspoon of cumin
  • one teaspoon of chilli powder
  • one teaspoon of oregano
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • one cup of chopped tomatoes
  • one teaspoon of tomato paste
  • five hundred millilitres of organic beef stock
  • one can or four hundred grams of red kidney beans
  • one tablespoon of olive oil
  • one cup of cheddar cheese
  • one cup of monterey jack cheese
  • one medium avocado
  • jalapenos, to serve
  • sour cream, to serve


  1. Place a large cooking pot over a medium to high heat and add the onions and garlic. Allow to simmer for five minutes until golden. Add the beef mince and cook together, stirring the beef and pushing it against the sides of the pot to break up the lumps.

  2. Once the meat begins to brown, add the cumin, chilli powder, oregano, salt and pepper and simmer for one to two minutes. Slowly add the chopped tomatoes, tomato paste and the beef stock, stirring constantly.

  3. After two minutes tip in the red kidney beans. Reduce the heat and bring to a simmer with the cooking pot loosely covered with a lid for thirty to forty minutes, stirring occasionally until the mince is tender and the sauce is thick.

  4. Adjust the seasoning to taste and serve with cubed avocado, sour cream, and Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese.

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