pumpkin made 5 ways

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Now that Autumn is here all the pumpkin-based recipes have come out. And I can’t help but join in – pumpkin is so tasty, filling, and there are so many ways to prepare it. I immediately knew I would make a recipe compilation of my favorite pumpkin dishes, and to promote #FoodisGold  the recipes show you how to use the entire pumpkin – from the seeds to the nutritious flesh.

You would not believe how much work goes into a 15 page recipe book. I never had a time cut off, but I knew I wanted to post it as soon as possible (or at least before winter). I was invested into every little detail – the creating, photographing, designing and preparing the social media content.  Over several months I have been collecting and working on these recipes and now I finally feel ready to share it with the world. 

The recipes are inspired by autumn and winter, from flavors to colors. I wanted to share and encourage returning to nature, and cooking at home in everyday eating. 

So I hope you enjoy these recipes, in the fall, in sharing, in rituals, in taking pictures, because that will be my biggest reward.

You can download the entire online cookbook for pumpkin made 5 ways 

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