la serre bistro + boulangerie: the hype is all worth it

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Situated in the heart of new Dubai lies La Serre, a traditional Parisian boulangerie. Combining the charm of a Parisian café with the gravity of a Dubai hotspot, La Serre Bisto and Boulangerie serves authentic french and Mediterranean cuisine – boasting fresh bread and pastries for your hearts desires. The beautiful interior is a clean, white palette pouring with natural light. The sleek, soft, and neoclassical-inspired interiors of the bistro also features stunning art works – you can’t expect any less from inspired chef, Izu Ani. I assume the restaurant is always buzzing with guests as it is today. The atmosphere of the restaurant is absolutely vibrant.

The menu is comprehensive, but we begin with a classic Pour Commencer or starter, Burrata et tomates or Burrata with tomatoes. This rich and creamy cheese is simply put, heaven on earth. The smooth and soft texture, and beautifully indulgent buttery flavour is well complimented by fresh cherry tomatoes and tart mixed salad.

Alongside this we have the Brut or cold starter, Carpaccio de boeuf – Beef carpaccio with poached quail eggs and truffle dressing. The beef carpaccio was fresh and perfectly seasoned with chives. The quail eggs were a delightful addition to this dish, creating a more bold and intense mouthful of flavours.

For the mains we chose two Enrichissant dishes, meaning ‘enriching’ – these are essentially pasta or risotto dishes. The first is the Tagliatelle au ragoût de boeuf or Beef ragout tagliatelle. Perfectly al dente tagliatelle is immersed in a rich, indulgent sauce with tender and juicy beef that melts in your mouth.
The first impression of the Risotto de champignons de saison or Mixed Mushrooms risotto was that a restaurant had finally served an authentic risotto. The al dente cooked rice is toasted with a flavor base of sauteed onion and distinctly emanates a hint of truffle. This is then topped with parmesan and grilled porcini mushrooms for a unique nutty taste. All together its absolutely delicious, making me yearn for more.

For dessert, the most perplexing choice was the Soufflé au chocolat – the traditional French dessert Chocolate souffle– served with a chocolate sauce and spicy banana ice cream. With a delicious molten center and a light, springy exterior the chocolate souffle is pure chocolaty decadence from the inside out. It felt remiss to not to try a more traditional Crème brûlée too, which was kept simple and satisfying.

La Serre, then, is a similar, less formal experience to the likes of La Petit Mason in Dubai – also it remains more affordable. We leave towards the end of the lunch service while the staff prepares for the next. In all fairness at no point do we feel rushed. The restaurant is far from busy yet still boasts a wonderful vibe.

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