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Food trucks are common place in New York, London and other capitals around the world. But the mobile foodie concept that took the world by storm a decade ago was yet to reach the sandy city, that is, until four years ago. Today, Dubai flourishes with food trucks serving a variety of different cuisines all over the city.

At first, Salt launched as a ‘gourmet treasure hunt’, using social media to market their concept: Follow @FindSalt on Instagram, get the inside scoop on where the truck would be, rush there and enjoy the pop-up foodie heaven. Fast-forward four years and the success is obvious. It’s no longer necessary to find Salt – they now have a permanent residency at Jumeirah’s Kite Beach.

The menu at Salt is fairly simple and thankfully so, this provides the opportunity to try all three variations of the sliders. The first, is the Original slider which consists of two ounce Wagyu beef, melted cheese, original sauce and pickle slices in a soft butter bun. The second, titled ‘Hook” (and personally my favorite) is comprised of Wagyu beef, melted cheese, spicy hook sauce, jalapenos and lettuce served in a butter bun. The third is based on a Southern American classic: Deep fried chicken sliders. Salt takes it to another level by adding spicy Cheetos – an acquired taste in my opinion. 

The waiting line at Salt is long. Seeing this, our anticipation for the food naturally grew, and we can safely tell you that the sliders were not only the best we have tried in Dubai – but in the world. The Wagyu beef is juicy and grilled to perfection. The sauce is fresh and homemade with fifteen very secretive ingredients and the butter bun just melts in your mouth with every bite. This meal would not be complete without the fire fries – thin crispy fries slathered in melted cheese and hook sauce – and if you have a sweet tooth the Lotus Shake or Lotus Softies are a must have.

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