Alegria, Jarun

This little hidden gem serves, what can only be described as, domaće with a french twist. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you are unlikely to be disappointed. The menu features about a dozen dishes, some sweet treats, and “small snacks” such as spreads, cheeses, and bruschetta. We’re hungry even thinking about it. Rudeska cesta 246 (near Lake Jarun). Tel. +385 (0) 1 4824 387. 

Good Food

Palmoticeva Ulica. See all the locations here: Tel. +385 (0) 1 4811 302. Healthy and wholesome wraps, salads and side dishes using fresh simple ingredients. And let’s not forget their delicious desserts. We are salivating thinking about their cheesecake. They offer highchairs for your little ones and also are accommodating to your child’s dietary needs. 

Dubravkin Put

Located on Dubravkin Put, surrounded by greenery (and even a children’s playground), serves some of the freshest seafood in town. Tel. +385 (0) 1 4834 975. The baked fish is well worth the splash-out. Otherwise choose between exquisitely prepared and presented mains such as monkfish in black-olive paste, rack of lamb or ox tail. It’s so damn good.


Situated in an old lightbulb factory outside the city centre on Ulica Frana Folnegoviceva, the menu changes daily with their special (and my favourite) gourmet burgers, succulent ribs and seasonal risottos. Tel. +385 (0)1 6187 776. What should you order? The mascarpone and fava beans creme risotto or the duck breast. Either way you will be more than satisfied. 

Batak Grill

Several locations, one of which can be found in Radnicka Cesta Street. What can only be described as a grill meats restaurant – serving all the traditional meat dishes of the Balkan region, such as everybody’s favorite cevapi, but also vjesalice, mazalice and grilled chicken thighs. Tel. +385 (0) 16061 155.

Duksa Pizza

There’s something special about Duksa’s pizza, with all the classic toppings such as Margherita, proscuitto or cooked ham on a thin and crispy base. I mean, what more can you ask for? Tel. +385 (0) 1 2334 556. Let’s not forget the pogace either. The Bundek location has green space for your little ones to play while you munch away. 

Submarine Natural Burger

Submarine Burger has the healthiest and some of the most tasty burgers in Zagreb. Located very near Maksimir Park, in Bukovacka 27, this restaurant is one of the best places to grab a bite to eat after a morning running around the park. Tel. +385 (0) 1 5807 143. Their selection is huge – you have 8 different burgers to choose from (single or double patty) and for those who don’t eat meat: they prepare a special Veggie Burger with chickpeas and lentil which is just as delicious.


A Bosnian restaurant with a huge following in the city, located on Radnicka cesta within the Green Gold Center, is easily one of the better restaurants in Zagreb. Tel. +385 1 4111 621 They serve Bosnian delicacies and traditional specialties of the region such as mućkalica, šarene dolme, klepe, zeljanica, burek, and ćevapi. It’s the perfect place for celebrations and gatherings, or Sunday family lunch. 

Il Secondo

Located in Novi Zagreb, this Italian restaurant serves a dozen classic pasta and risotto dishes – the risotto with porcini mushrooms and duck breasts is divine. The menu also highlights carapaccia, Italian prosciutto and salami, but they have a slightly more original daily menu that goes beyond conventional Italian cuisine. Tel. +385 (0)1 6586 609


Okrugljak nurtures the traditional Zagreb and Croatian cuisine. Expect to find classic dishes of the region from juicy barbecue meats to super-fresh tuna fillets and delectable swordfish carpaccios. On the weekend you will find lamb roasting away on spits in the yard and their pasta is made on the premises in Sestine on Ulica Mlinovi. Tel. +385 (0) 1 4674 112